• Why can't mini+ display audio sound column?


Ensure that HDMI signal source has sound input;


If there is no sound signal input, please set it in the signal source;


If you are using an external audio source, check whether the external audio source has sound input;


If there is no signal from the external audio source, please ensure that all external audio sources are active audio (currently mini only supports active audio input), that’s the 3.5mm headphone connector.

• Why does the image jitter appear when I input the i-system signal?


mini firmware 1.0, mini+ firmware 1.16 have added HDMI 1 de-interlacing function, just connect your interlaced signal to HDMI 1 input, mini will automatically de-interlace without any operation.

• Why can't I find the mini/mini+ USB webcam on my computer?


Please make sure the mini/mini+ USB is connected to the computer;


The name recognized by the Windows system is [RGBlink USB3.0 capture], and in MacOS should be [eEver capture device].

• The mini/mini+ control software on my computer doesn’t work, what should I do?


Please make sure that you install the mini/mini+ control software with administrator rights;


If you are using Mac OS operating system, please allow mini software to run through "System preferences - Security and privacy - General".